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Buy Rulide (Roxithromycin) semi-synthetic macrolide antibiotic
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There is a list of medicines containing "Roxithromycin" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Roxithromycin drugs The last trade name of products
Acrox Acrox - Ani-Rox Ani-Rox
Anroxy Anroxy - Arrow-Roxithromycin Arrow-Roxithromycin
Arulid Arulid - Bactimycin Bactimycin
Bazuctril Bazuctril - Bythro Bythro
Candica Candica - Curox Curox
Cyrox Cyrox - Emrox-DT Emrox-DT
Engoxin Engoxin - Etharest-DT Etharest-DT
Evrox Evrox - Herox Herox
Himrox Himrox - I-Throcin I-Throcin
Ixor Ixor - Lang Su Lang Su
Le Er Tai Le Er Tai - Luprex Luprex
Lykarbid Lykarbid - Medirox Medirox
Med-Rox Med-Rox - Neuroxi Neuroxi
Nirox Nirox - Overal Overal
Oxicin Oxicin - Pu Hong Pu Hong
Punchorox Punchorox - Rekthro Rekthro
Remycin Remycin - Rivex Rivex
RO RO - Roide Roide
Rokcin Kid Rokcin Kid - Romitacin Romitacin
Romyk Romyk - Roth Roth
Rotip Rotip - Roxaicin Roxaicin
Roxain Roxain - Roxdil Roxdil
Roxe Kid Roxe Kid - Roxi (Fatol Arzneimittel) Roxi (Fatol Arzneimittel)
Roxi (Stada) Roxi (Stada) - Roxicard Roxicard
Roxicare Roxicare - Roxi-CT Roxi-CT
Roxicyn Roxicyn - Roxigamma Roxigamma
Roxi-GM Roxi-GM - Roxilac Roxilac
Roxilid Roxilid - Roximain Roximain
RoxiMax RoxiMax - Roximstad Roximstad
Roximycin Roximycin - Roxinmycin Roxinmycin
Roxinova Roxinova - Roxi-Puren Roxi-Puren
Roxirap Roxirap - Roxish Roxish
Roxispan-DT Roxispan-DT - Roxitery Roxitery
Roxith Roxith - Roxithromycin (Beijing No.1 Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co.) Roxithromycin (Beijing No.1 Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co.)
Roxithromycin (Bios NPF) Roxithromycin (Bios NPF) - Roxithromycin (Hanlim Pharmaceutical) Roxithromycin (Hanlim Pharmaceutical)
Roxithromycin (Heumann Pharma) Roxithromycin (Heumann Pharma) - Roxithromycin (Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma) Roxithromycin (Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma)
Roxithromycin (Nadyphar) Roxithromycin (Nadyphar) - Roxithromycin (Sawai Pharmaceutical) Roxithromycin (Sawai Pharmaceutical)
Roxithromycin (Sungwon Adcock Pharma) Roxithromycin (Sungwon Adcock Pharma) - Roxithromycine (Biogaran) Roxithromycine (Biogaran)
Roxithromycine (G Gam Laboratoires) Roxithromycine (G Gam Laboratoires) - Roxithrot Roxithrot
Roxithyrocin Roxithyrocin - Roxitrol Roxitrol
Roxitrom Roxitrom - Roxiver-DT Roxiver-DT
Roxivik Kid Roxivik Kid - Roxmed Roxmed
Roxmex Roxmex - Roxson Roxson
Roxsun Roxsun - Roxxibid Roxxibid
Roxy Roxy - Roxykar Roxykar
Roxy-KT Roxy-KT - Roxyron Roxyron
Roxysar Roxysar - R-Throcin R-Throcin
R-Throt R-Throt - RXT RXT
Ryth Ryth - Simacron Simacron
Sirox Sirox - Supralide Supralide
Swirox Swirox - Thromyn Thromyn
Throx Throx - Troxy Troxy
Troxy-KT Troxy-KT - Veroxy Veroxy
Vibradox Vibradox - Xithrom Xithrom
Xolide Xolide - Zyrox Zyrox

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