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Buy Rulide (Roxithromycin) semi-synthetic macrolide antibiotic
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There is a list of medications containing "Roxithromycin" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Roxithromycin medications The last trade name of products
Acevor Acevor - Anbiolid Anbiolid
Anrox Anrox - Arrow Kid Arrow Kid
Artirox Artirox - Azuril Azuril
Bactimycin Kid Bactimycin Kid - Brocin Brocin
Cadithro Cadithro - C-Rox DT C-Rox DT
Cyrox Cyrox - Emrox Emrox
Emroxin Emroxin - Esrox Esrox
Ethirox Ethirox - Heng Te Heng Te
Heroxin Heroxin - Irox Irox
Ithromox Ithromox - Ladlid Ladlid
Laroxid Laroxid - Luo Si Mei Luo Si Mei
Luprex-Kid Luprex-Kid - Maxirox Maxirox
Medirox Kid Medirox Kid - Neo-Suxigal Neo-Suxigal
Newrox Newrox - Othrox Othrox
Overal Bambini Overal Bambini - Proximax Proximax
Pulsate Pulsate - Rekox Rekox
Remora Remora - Ritosin Ritosin
RMC RMC - Rogid Rogid
Rokcin Rokcin - Romiroxin Romiroxin
Romycin Romycin - Rotex Kid Rotex Kid
Rothricin Pediatric Rothricin Pediatric - Roxacine Roxacine
Roxaid Roxaid - Roxcure Roxcure
Roxe Roxe - Roxi (Dr. August Wolff Arzneimittel) Roxi (Dr. August Wolff Arzneimittel)
Roxi (Jpee Drugs) Roxi (Jpee Drugs) - Roxica Roxica
Roxicare Roxicare - Roxicos Roxicos
Roxicute Roxicute - Roxiffin Roxiffin
Roxigard Roxigard - Roxil Roxil
Roxilan Roxilan - Roximadin Roximadin
Roximate Roximate - Roximol Kid Roximol Kid
Roximycin Roximycin - Roxinit Roxinit
Roxino Roxino - Roxipro Roxipro
Roxi-Q Roxi-Q - Roxisave Roxisave
Roxispan Roxispan - Roxitem Kid Roxitem Kid
Roxith Roxith - Roxithromycin (Azupharma) Roxithromycin (Azupharma)
Roxithromycin (Bidiphar) Roxithromycin (Bidiphar) - Roxithromycin (HanAll BioPharma) Roxithromycin (HanAll BioPharma)
Roxithromycin (Hawon Pharmaceutical Corporation) Roxithromycin (Hawon Pharmaceutical Corporation) - Roxithromycin (Micro Labs) Roxithromycin (Micro Labs)
Roxithromycin (Myungmoon Pharmaceutical) Roxithromycin (Myungmoon Pharmaceutical) - Roxithromycin (Sandoz) Roxithromycin (Sandoz)
Roxithromycin (Stada) Roxithromycin (Stada) - Roxithromycine (Arrow Generiques) Roxithromycine (Arrow Generiques)
Roxithromycine (EG Labo) Roxithromycine (EG Labo) - Roxithrostad Roxithrostad
Roxithroxyl Roxithroxyl - Roxitrocina Roxitrocina
Roxitrol-D Roxitrol-D - Roxiver Roxiver
Roxivik Roxivik - Roxma Roxma
Roxmed Kid Roxmed Kid - Roxset Roxset
Roxstad Roxstad - Roxwil Roxwil
Roxy Roxy - Roxykan Roxykan
Roxykem Roxykem - Roxyrol-KT Roxyrol-KT
Roxyroxin Roxyroxin - R-Throc R-Throc
R-Throcin R-Throcin - RXM RXM
RXT RXT - Siarox Siarox
Sinurit Sinurit - Subroxine Subroxine
Suroxy Suroxy - Throlid Throlid
Throsyn Throsyn - Troxolid Troxolid
Troxy Troxy - Vero-Roxithromycin Vero-Roxithromycin
Vesthromycin Vesthromycin - Xithrocin Xithrocin
Xitrocin Xitrocin - Zuroxy Zuroxy

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